Portofino Portofino is the open source web framework developed by ManyDesigns. Go to the Portofino website >>
Alfresco We provide customized solutions based on the Alfresco ECM. We implement workflows, integration and extensions.
Liferay We are specialized in customizations, integration, installation and configuration of Liferay Portal.
ESB We are specialized in integration, installation and configuration of open-source enterprise service bus.
Training We are specialized in remote and local training of open-source Java technologies.
Process Engines We are specialized in definition and implementation of business process on principals open-source engines like JBPM and Activiti.


Portofino 4

Open-source web application framework for Java and Groovy developers.
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Online public competitions

System implemented for Università di Genova to manage public competitions online.
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Digital invoicing

Systems for public administrations, based on Alfresco, integrated with digital signature and digital invoicing procedures.


Software for project monitoring and evaluation. Used by the Emilia Romagna regional administration.

Manifacturing management

Software for the management of orders, costs on orders, and assessment of quality of finished products.


Customized software systems for management of all company contacts, customized reporting, charts et cetera.

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What we believe in

We believe that writing enterprise software is one of the most challenging human activities. Dealing with vast amounts of requirements in little time, dealing with changing requirements, and still delivering quality software of which you can be proud is a fabulous challenge.

An outstanding enterprise application will have its ROI in term of happy users, few maintenance headaches, and the confidence of its robustness at all levels.

To all the people who are engaged in enterprise software development we dedicate our passion and experience.

Our team

  • Angelo Lupo

    Co-founder, CEO
  • Giampiero Granatella

    Software Architect
  • Mohamed Rachef

    Business Developer
  • Antonio Policastro

    Software Developer
  • Davide Lanciano

    Software Developer
  • Emanuele Poggi

    Software Developer
  • Fabio Bonfante

    Software Developer
  • Andres De Nastchokine

    Software Developer
  • Alessando Vito

    Software Developer
  • Arianna Stradolini

    Software Developer
  • Daniele De Gregori

    Software Developer
  • Massimo Rossi

    Software Architect
  • Marco Stanizzi

    Software Developer
  • Emanuele De Benedetti

    Software Developer
  • Riccardo Pastorino

    Software Architect
  • Hamza Zaghdoudi

    Hamza Zaghdoudi

    Software Developer




Piazza Matteotti, 2/7C - 16123 Genova Italia

Tel +39 010 566441 - Fax +39 010 8900455

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